I have a certificate from learning the unique Awakening Dynamics system, which uses theta healing combined with awakening. The system was created by MIT computer engineer Brent Phillips. The system is aimed at dissolving the ego to understand one's programmed beliefs to in turn manifest the life we always wanted, but through intuition. So instead of making the life we want (control), we attract the circumstances to create the life we want.

I guide one through recognizing what is holding them back. We can use muscle testing to ask questions directly to our subconscious minds with incredible accuracy. Theta healing healing is a form of energy healing that allows one's subconscious beliefs to be changed instantly. These belief changes open the doors to allow what one wants to manifest in their life. These belief changes also make one let go of what is bothering them. Some simple examples are: I need to be poor to be aligned with the divine, I can never find the right lover, I am never fully healthy.

How it works

1. Muscle testing. I work with one's muscle testing as they give me feedback whether certain affirmations resonate true or false to the subconscious mind.

Muscle testing is asking oneself questions and seeing how the muscles respond. When one makes true statements, the muscles become stronger, when one makes false statements, the muscles become weaker. There are different ways to test the muscles but the easiest one is the standing test. With feet shoulder width apart and no bend in knees, statements will push one either back (false) or forward (true). This is because true statements have shown to increase one's energy field by 17% and false statements weaken the field.

2. Theta healing. I use the energy of my higher self to connect to a theta brainwave which leads a client to do the same. Within these brainwaves, I can make belief changes directly in the subconscious mind. As one's subconscious mind resonates or not with certain beliefs, I can immediately tell whether they are blocks or not. I can also tell whether they are beliefs that are missing or not to aid one's journey. This means I either clear blocking beliefs or download missing beliefs.

3. Belief changes. In changing our beliefs we have to see what other beliefs are holding them back. They grow like branches of a tree. I help one see the logic of how certain beliefs were created. Many of them can go back to our childhood. Clearing them will put in motion the intention to create a new reality. There can be some emotional releases, but it is always relieving. Then finally we don't have to be governed and stuck by things that happened decades ago! It is very liberating!

4. Awakening. This is looking at our lives, and life itself from the higher perspective. We are all part of an evolving unified consciousness. Our conditioning teaches us that we are separate beings and we are in competition with each other. The higher truth to our conditioning is that they are gifts so that we can become wiser and appreciate happiness. If we were all perfect, life on Earth would be boring. Therefore we evolve the quickest when we change ourselves, or remember who we really are. That comes from accepting what we need to learn to get there. Instead for judging ourselves for our imperfections we can learn to embrace them. This opens up a journey to become free from our egos. This freedom is where we can access our full potential!


THe Science behind it

The latest evolution in physics is quantum physics.  Particle experiments have shown that the act of observing influences the outcomes. The most popular experiment to prove this is the dual slit. This means we simultaneously believe in what we see and create it. This was all very interesting when I first learned about it, but what was really fascinating was how I saw it applied to my everyday personal life.

What this means is that we create our realities based on our sets of beliefs. The law of attraction is something great to pay attention to in our own lives to understand this. This law may have some baggage around it because there was a movement that encouraged people to think things over and over again to attract them. Thoughts alone cannot influence the law of attraction, that is the conscious mind.

The subconscious mind has the power, therefore if thoughts resonate directly with the subconscious mind, then it is possible to see things manifest. There's no point in trying to change our thoughts alone. Our subconscious mind is the working dynamic of our beliefs, emotions, feelings, thoughts and visions. We have to change what's in our subconscious minds to witness better thoughts arising from the changes. One of the best ways to start, is to work with beliefs. Then working with emotions and feelings come much easier afterwards. Then end result is that we get better thoughts and visions. Visions are intuitive, they are connected to the higher self and can be one of our best sources of guidance.