After doing a couple of Brent Phillips’ courses, I know I needed to get some personal help. I reached out to Matthew and it’s been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. I love how intuitive he is. He put me at ease from the beginning. After talking to him for just a few minutes, he knew exaclty what to pin point. After our first session I did have a couple of days that I felt really sad, but that was actually a good thing. It meant that my body was releasing bent up energy and allowing deeper healing to happen.

I’ve had two sessions with Matthew so far and I know that I’ll be able to clear what has been holding me back for so long! Thank you so much, Matthew!
— Errolynn Zetar, Houston, Tx
Matthew Butcher is a very caring and talented professional in theta healing. He gets to the bottom of problems and uses the theta healing techniques to rapidly but gently resolve issues. He is always easy to talk to about problems in my life and I found it a pleasure to work with him.

I have been helped by him on several occasions including healing a shoulder problem, allergy issues, back pain and relief from emotional stress.

I look forward to working with him again in the future.
— Annette Rolfe


Testimonials about my teacher Brent Philips

Brent’s work has been a blessing in my life. After years of other healing modalities, I felt that they only scratched the surface. I would have an initial high, but ultimately nothing deep inside changed. I stumbled across Brent Phillips’ healing courses and everything clicked. I love his teachings because he combines practical and spiritual help. I have his Unleash Your Millionaire courses and I love the theta healings as well as the conscious lessons he includes. I learned that you have to use both to really understand and incorporate the healings. I know that I am on the path to financial security.
— Errolynn Zetar, Houston, Tx