Ever since I was a kid I was interested in science but in a different way, but I didn't really understand how. It was during the time that I was studying engineering in university that it hit me. I was interested in philosophy and consciousness. So I switched my program into Philosophy. However it was a great disappointment because I didn't really find the material very practical, just lots of abstract thinking. This led me to try courses in other programs but I never found my niche.

I ended up dropping out and I started my own residential painting business. During it's growth, I started to see for myself how the law of attraction worked. Painting was never my passion but when I decided to make the best of it, my business grew magically. When I look back I notice that the clients I attracted were a result of my energy; from generous to cheap, from great to difficult.

During this career, I spent a lot of time listening to educational radio shows to fulfill my thirst for knowledge and growth. Most of the subjects I listened to were about quantum physics, personal development, spirituality etc. This helped me to evaluate different point of views and develop my own.

Finally one guest came on this radio show (coasttocoastam) and his view point was in great sync with my own. His name is Brent Philips and he's a theta healer who combines awakening with his work, hence his brand name awakening dynamics. I ended up following his work for several months until I finally booked a session with him. I saw amazing results, and his methods were so simple. I found out after that he offers courses to teach everything he knows. Where he is unique is that he's an MIT trained computer engineer who left his career to use his training to understand consciousness. We are like biological computers who are running codes, which is in essence conditioning. His unique approach allows us not to take things so personally and that's how we can really let things go. As he's an engineer, which is also sort of my background, he leaves out all the woo-woo when it comes to healing and focuses on what really works.

Then he introduced me to his favorite teacher, ,Karl Wolfe who is a master at getting people to let go of their stories and become present in their bodies. This makes complete sense because this presence really brings out who we really are versus being stuck in the mind. In being the best version of ourselves is where we really have the power to make a difference in our lives and as a result the money follows.

Now, my interest in applying everything I learned is aimed at improving relationships. I'm currently married to the love of my life and I met her from working on myself and developing my intuition. We had many struggles at the beginning because she reminded me of my old self that was stuck and I figured because I had been there, I could really help her. This led to a lot of conflict, in fact I realized that I needed to learn a lot more about healing to be able to have any impact at all. Therefore since the work I did with my mentors, my approach has completely changed and I'm am finally having a positive influence on her. As a result we are now really happy together! Some of the articles I have written on yourtango are inspired by these experiences.