How to use intuition to find your soulmate

The world of dating can be very confusing, especially with this day and age of internet dating. Because there are so many choices, we inevitably decide to create a list of qualities and interests that we are looking for. Then we get caught up, in what we think we know in our search. The problem is that these actions are taken with our conscious minds, our egos, where finding love is a matter of the heart.


 Only the heart knows what is really great for us, but the problem these days is that the mind is getting in the way. The mind’s argument can be that we can’t always trust the heart, that’s why we need to listen to our intuition.


The ultimate goal of a relationship is to teach us how to love and in the process, there are many lessons to learn. Our hearts know of the lessons we have to learn, but our minds don’t. Falling in love is the process of letting go of the ego, so how can the ego know what is really good for us? This is why the best guide our intuition because it is aligned with our higher purpose, as is our hearts.


So how do we use intuition? First is to be open to the fact that we may need to reach a certain emotional balance to attract the right person. Second is recognizing all the signs and messages the universe gives us, which tend to come in mysterious codes. Third, is healing ourselves within the lessons to achieve higher levels of emotional balance.


On a journey to find our soulmate, the experiences we have are meant to teach us lessons on our emotional imbalances. There is always some baggage that we need to get out of the way as well as ideas that we may need to get out of the way about who our soulmate really is.


For example, we may think that our soulmate has to get along with one of our best qualities. The truth may be that we need to be challenged to develop this quality, therefore our soulmate may be meant to be very different on one big quality. However, that will change with as we get more in touch and expand our quality through the challenges.


Intuition works mysteriously, so it is important to look for signs, connections, mysterious coincidences, feelings etc. Once we get the hang of this, we can start trusting it and putting our egos aside. This will lead us to make huge leaps in our journey to finding our soulmate. This process also gives us the power to stop searching. We always tend to meet people when we are not looking so hard anyway. We are just surrendering ourselves to the experiences. As long as we put ourselves out there, things are bound to happen. As we put the agenda of the ego aside, we stop wanting things so badly, which always ends up working against us.


In the process it is important to use this perspective to get over obstacles, otherwise, we may just drag ourselves down for no reason. A failed date can then simply be a message for us of a deeper meaning of what we need to learn. Sure it is painful to experience failure, but it is important to let it pass through without judgment so we can see the meaning afterward. Take some space and time to reflect on this with a calm mind can be very healing. If we beat ourselves up over it, we may never see the meaning, and add more baggage that we’ll have to eventually get through.


Taking this perspective towards finding true love can be immensely fun and fulfilling! Then our soulmate can show up when we don’t expect, and we may only recognize this after a few dates.