What is the Matrix?

Ever heard or even better made the connection that we live in a matrix? The best way to understand this idea is to see how our own personal realities work like a matrix.

In relation to the movie the matrix, we are trapped in a reality simulation. This is how we are when we live through our conscious minds or the ego. We get the powers to change our realities when we can overcome our dependence on our minds. Our minds are meant to serve us, but in our world, they control us.

The simple solution is to learn to get back into the body and our feelings. Because our subconscious mind is the body. When we can live in it's alignment, our consciousness is much more vast. Our subconscious mind is far more powerful than the conscious mind.

To be able to achieve this, we have to let go of all our baggage and conditioning that make us dependent on the ego. This is when the healing process comes into play. Having an awareness of the mind-body problem will tell us exactly when we are not free, therefore showing us what we need to heal.

There are several ways to heal our sources of dependency on our conscious minds. Work with me to get you started and I'll show you the way.