My mission is to help debunk the myths we live in because we are conditioned to have everything backwards.

Myth 1: We try to improve our lives by taking action from ego, instead of understanding our egos.

Myth 2: Misunderstanding the law of attraction can lead us to try control our thoughts to create the outcomes we want. Versus changing our perspectives which create our thoughts.

Myth 3: We think our issues and imperfections are bad, instead of embracing them as our gateways to personal freedom.

Our mission as a collective is to bring about a better change in our world. We are most powerful in doing so when we change ourselves first. In short, our perspectives have the biggest influence in our lives therefore we have to ask ourselves, what is the set of perspectives we really want to achieve? Then we can work towards that goal!

When we work on ourselves to become the best we can be, our suffering starts to disappear and instead we can live the life of our dreams. When we are in alignment, we attract all the right things in the right moments to lead us towards our dream life. It becomes an effortless and pleasurable process. This journey is so inspiring that we can inspire others and together we can lead the world into a better place!