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If you tried your best to make your life the way you want and it just hasn't happened, that's because your subconscious mind is working against you. Your subconscious mind is at least 1000 times more powerful than your conscious mind. And working with the subconscious mind is commonly known to be very difficult. I have accumulated skills, intuition and unique techniques than render working with the subconscious mind very simple and very powerful!

The subconscious mind is there to keep us safe, however there comes a time where we no longer need the safety but yet we keep many sets of beliefs to keep us safe. These prevent us from getting what we want, or achieving our goals within health, wealth and love. We can learn about these blockage over a slow learning process of trials and errors within our life experiences or we can work with someone who is trained to pick them up and clear them.

We are essentially biological computers. We run different codes of software that create a reality on a monitor. The codes can be changed by a programmer to create a different reality. However most of us are conditioned to change our reality by drawing on the monitor. It takes time and training to understand how computers work just like it takes time to understand how our subconscious minds work. Our subconscious mind gives off an energy when in turns creates our reality.

Many of the health, love and financial issues we have, will be resolved when we understand and clear the energy that holds us back. Our health can be a create meter to understand exactly how powerful our subconscious minds are. We are conditioned to rely on modern medicine to heal, however when we combine this with a deeper understanding of our subconscious energy, healing becomes supercharged!

I can show you a very simple technique to test subconscious beliefs you hold or don't hold. Then I connect to your energy to clear them. It is a form of energy healing that connects with the subconscious mind through a theta brainwave. It's called theta healing. Part of my training had been done through an MIT trained computer engineer, therefore I know I how to get to the source of subconscious beliefs.

Working with this technique, the results are incredible in making life changes. It is also really simple to clear traumas that have been holding us back our wholes lives. However like anything else that does create change, there can be emotions running through to integrate these changes. I will guide you through a higher purpose of these changes so you can integrate them positively.

From working with a professional healer, you can learn a great deal about yourself and how your subconscious mind works. This lessens the need to work with someone for the smaller issues, you can self-heal more efficiently. This opens up many doors to be able manifest the things you always wanted.

I have also written a guidance manuscript to stay on track with your healing. Books can be long read, therefore hard to be consistent with. Theta healing is a great starting tool but also offer different tools in the manuscript to keep the momentum.

Matthew Butcher




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